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We’ve taken the mature boronizing process commonly used in production tubing and other downhole components, and applied it to the ID of rod pump barrels. These barrels are ideal for conditions with:

-Heavy Wear and Abrasion

-Acid Treatment

-Setting the pump in the curve

Recent polling shows current US Operators are replacing barrels on pumps 50-60% of the time when a pump is pulled for teardowns. Boronized barrels are proving to be the only reliable barrels that you can rerun down hole. Wear, abrasion and coating flaking of NiCarb and Chrome barrels often lead to barrels being scrapped during mic-tests on pump teardowns.



Exceed’s BorRite barrels are now the only barrel on the market to offer Wear, Abrasion, and Corrosion protection that doesn’t flake, crack or deteriorate in Acid jobs.

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