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Sucker Rods

Quench & Tempered Rods


Normalized & Tempered Rods

For decades, the sucker rod market has lacked the infrastructure to mass-produce quality Quenched & Tempered sucker rods. The machinery is costly, the process is difficult to master, and the industry has widely defaulted to the more easily manufactured Normalized & Tempered rods.


The Ultimate PCP Rod Solution – EHT®

Conventional approaches of inserting traditional sucker rods for PCP application often come short in meeting the higher torque and other unique requirements of PCP. In 2006, engineers at Exceed Oilfield Equipment started research and development on the first PCP specific rod to Increases Torque Capacity and Reduce Connection Failures that plague current PCP string designs.

The current generation EHT® features our patented locking dove-tail connection and case hardened rod body. Overall, it offers 20-30% higher torque. Customers that switched to EHT® have seen benefits of higher torque capacity range, less failures at coupling and pin connections, and decrease in gearbox loading.

Sinker Bars

Grade K Sinker Bars

AISI 10XXCarbon steel

90 ksi

Grade C Sinker Bars

AISI 10XXCarbon steel

65 ksi


Product Overview


100% of Exceed couplings are manufactured in-house and under the same QAQC program that our sucker rods and accessories undergo.

API Class T, Spray Metal, High Strength, Crossover and Polished Rod couplings are all available through your closes Exceed yard location or distribution partner.

BorRite Boronized Pump Barrels

Rod Pump Barrels

Recent polling shows current US Operators are replacing barrels on pumps 50-60% of the time when a pump is pulled for teardowns. Boronized barrels are proving to be the only reliable barrels that you can rerun down hole. Wear, abrasion and coating flaking of NiCarb and Chrome barrels often lead to barrels being scrapped during mic-tests on pump teardowns.

Sinker Bars, Polished Rods, Pony Rods

Manufacturing Process

Exceed polished rods are manufactured and inspected to be fully compliant with API-11B spec. All Pin Threads are cold-rolled to ensure the most durable connection during operation. Creating a much stronger pin compared to old cut thread or burnished process. The rolled threads improve the fatigue performance of the polished rod significantly and reduces common polished rod failures at thread roots dramatically.

Polished Rod

AISI 414X Alloy Steel

AISI 1045 Piston Steel

AISI 1045 w/ Spray Metal

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